Software firm invents app to encrypt private SMS messages

6 Apr 2010

The fear of someone reading a private mobile short message (SMS) may be a thing of the past, thanks to the efforts of an Irish software company that has created a mobile app to encrypt private communications.

Irish software company SafeBox Ltd has launched its private SMS mobile application called SafeBox. The application combines the popularity and mobility of texting with the privacy and security of modern cryptography to send and receive private SMS.

Stories of intercepted and incriminating SMS texts make the celebrity gossip headlines regularly – a prince, a footballer, an actor, a musician, a politician, a golfer – the examples are many where the SafeBox application could have kept the texts private and protected from curious intruders, paparazzi, stalkers and other prying eyes.

“Privacy, in general, has become increasingly important, but especially so in the mobile space, as incidents of SMS spoofing and interception multiply,” explained Philippe Joly, CEO, SafeBox Ltd.

“We wanted to build a privacy tool that is simple to use, available to everyone around the world, and free to download.

“With SafeBox we have achieved all this with the first version released working on Java and Symbian phones in seven languages and a free download process directly from our website, accessible from the mobile phone browser, anywhere in the world,” Joly added.

Besides text messages, the SafeBox application, offers also other features such as a hidden contact list and confidential notes.

The application is PIN-protected, preventing its content from being seen from the outside without knowledge of the PIN. If the phone is lost, stolen or just gets in the wrong hands for awhile, nobody can read the messages sent or received or even see to whom they were written.

By John Kennedy

Photo: SafeBox Ltd has launched a private SMS mobile application, SafeBox

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years