Vodafone Ireland to sell iPhone 3G, 3GS

29 Sep 2009

Vodafone Ireland has just announced that it has won a deal to sell the Apple iPhone.

Both the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS will go on sale through Vodafone in early 2010, says the mobile operator, with “pricing, tariffs and availability information to be announced locally in the future”.

This also applies to Vodafone UK and the announcement comes one day after Orange said it would also be selling the 3G handset following the end of O2’s exclusive contract with Apple in both Ireland and the UK for the past two years.

Although Vodafone last week unveiled its own smart-phone device in the form of the Vodafone 360, complete with apps, touch-screen interface and integrated social media, the iPhone continues to win favour with the public, yesterday being named the UK’s coolest brand for 2009.

Tantalisingly, Vodafone already has the iPhone on its website where you can register your interest for future updates on its arrival date and pricing.

By Marie Boran, via Gadgetrepublic.com