44pc of EU companies outsource ICT

11 Dec 2007

Almost half (44pc) of enterprises in the EU farm out their ICT functions, a new survey has found. Some 47pc of Irish firms either fully or partially outsource ICT.

European statistics office Eurostat’s survey found that 94pc of European companies had access to the internet in January 2007, up from 92pc in January 2006. Some 77pc had a broadband connection, up from 73pc in 2006.

Two thirds (66pc) of Irish companies polled had a broadband connection, 11pc behind the EU average. Some 66pc of Irish firms also had a webpage, 1pc higher than the EU average of 65pc.

The number of companies with an internet connection in both Europe and Ireland was the same at 94pc.

The proportion of enterprises with a broadband connection in 2007 was highest in Finland (91pc), followed by Spain (90pc), Malta (89pc) and Sweden (87pc). In Romania (31pc in 2006), Lithuania and Poland (both 53pc), Latvia (57pc) and Greece (58pc in 2006) less than 60pc of enterprises had a broadband connection.

The highest number of enterprises with outsourced ICT functions were in Denmark (76pc), Finland (70pc) and Cyprus (66pc), with the lowest number in Hungary (20pc), Lithuania (21pc) and Bulgaria (22pc).

The survey covered a broad range of enterprises with at least 10 employees. Some 107,000 companies across the EU, as well as Norway and Iceland, took part in the survey.

By Niall Byrne