AIB changes its mind about outsourcing IT roles to India

26 Jul 2017

AIB logo. Image: Isabelle OHara/Shutterstock

AIB outsourcing plans are stopped in their tracks.

It has emerged that AIB no longer plans to offshore a number of IT functions to India.

The bank decided that in the present environment, such a move would be too risky.

“As part of our agreement with Wipro, we recently considered offshoring a small number of IT operations roles,” the bank stated.

“Following an evaluation, AIB has decided not to offshore these particular roles at this point in time.”

Redundancies rescinded

It is understood that between 30 and 100 IT roles were earmarked to be offshored to Wipro in India.

In 2015, AIB announced that it was outsourcing IT operations to three providers, including Eir, Wipro and Integrity.

The move affected the jobs of 170 IT workers as part of a strategy entitled ‘Project Orion’.

It said at the time that there would be no redundancies.

The Irish Times reported that long-serving IT staff who moved to Wipro in 2015 had been offered redundancy packages but the offers are now believed to be off the table.

In recent weeks, AIB rejoined the public markets in Dublin and London, and has returned to profitability.

AIB logo. Image: Isabelle OHara/Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years