Here are the new features of Google’s Anthos hybrid cloud service

17 Sep 2019

Image: © Zamurovic/

Google has announced a host of new capabilities for its Anthos hybrid cloud platform, including serverless features and microservice management.

Google’s hybrid cloud service Anthos has announced a number of new capabilities as part of the Anthos Day New York event, which took place on Monday (16 September).

The first of the new services is Anthos Service Mesh, which connects, manages and secures microservices. The mesh is an abstraction layer that provides a uniform way to monitor these services.

“A service mesh uses high-performance and lightweight proxies to bring security, resiliency and visibility to service communications, freeing your developers to do what they do best: build great applications,” a statement written by Jennifer Lin, director of product management at Google Cloud, and Pali Bhat, vice-president of product and design, explained.

“A service mesh helps you manage the life cycle and policies for this intelligent data plane and gives you secure and easy-to-manage microservices-based applications.”

The mesh is built on Itsio open APIs and, according to Google, will feature a unified administrative interface and provide uniform traffic controls.

‘Serverless flexibility’

The company also announced a new serverless computing experience that will allow users to run workloads without worrying about the underlying infrastructure, only execute code when needed and to autoscale from zero to n depending on traffic, among other features.

The new service,Cloud Run for Anthos, is based on an open API and runtime environment called Knative and promises to allow developers to be more agile when writing code “without having to learn advanced Kubernetes concepts”.

“[Cloud Run] enforces best practices and provides deep integration with Anthos by offering advanced networking support and enabling cloud accelerators, which means your workloads can all run in the same cluster,” the company added.

Google also announced new policy controller and config connector features for its Anthos Config Management, which will allow users to enforce consistent security politics and controls continuously across all cloud environments such as Google Cloud, on-prem and other clouds.

Eva Short was a journalist at Silicon Republic