Apple offering free Snow Leopard OS for MobileMe users

19 Apr 2012

Apple is giving free Mac OS X Snow Leopard DVDs to MobileMe customers in order to encourage them to upgrade and join iCloud.

Macgasm reports that Apple sent an email to its MobileMe customers, telling them to get in touch with Apple to avail of their free DVD of the Snow Leopard OS which costs €29 on the Apple store.

Users will have to upgrade to OS Lion and then move to Apple’s new cloud storage service iCloud.

The offer is in place until 15 June and MobileMe will permanently shut down on 30 June.

iCloud launched last year. The service allows users to sync their iOS and Mac devices through the cloud. Users can take pictures, buy music, work on presentations and have their media backed up instantly on up to 10 devices via the cloud.

It was intended to replace MobileMe and all of MobileMe’s apps have been rewritten to work on iCloud. This move should push more users to join the newer cloud service.