Bad infrastructure blocks firms’ moves to the cloud

13 Jun 2011

Although 60pc of firms surveyed have included cloud computing in their current IT strategy, 30pc believe that Ireland’s ailing broadband infrastructure is insufficient to support next-generation cloud apps.

These are just some of the findings of ‘State of the Cloud’, a recent study conducted by Seefin Data Management. Some 212 respondents from Irish businesses took part in the survey in June 2011.

Some 83pc of the businesses questioned consider security or perceived security threats as their primary concern when switching to cloud computing.

Only 30pc of those questioned believe that Ireland has a sufficient infrastructure to support cloud computing.

Continuity of service

Continuity of service to end users was also high on the agenda, as IT managers and owner managers strive to move existing systems and data to the cloud.

Despite this, 60pc of the respondents indicated that cloud computing is included in their current IT strategy.

Additionally, 45pc felt that switching to cloud computing would yield improved competitive advantage.

CloudArena will be hosting CloudArena Trilogy Part Two to discuss these issues on 16 June next at the National College of Ireland.

Photo: Paul Rellis, Microsoft; Wayne Leone, IBM; Catherine Casey, Fujitsu; Philip Nolan, Mason Hayes+Curran; and Dave Feenan, CloudArena

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years