Deloitte’s CIO survey calling on business world for help

21 Jul 2016

Deloitte is looking for CIOs around the world to help out with its ‘Legacy Journey’, hoping for thousands of business people to share their thoughts.

Calling the survey a ‘conversation with and among CIOs’, Deloitte’s ambitious project – which saw 1,200 take part last year – is currently seeking out help from CIOs throughout the business world.

CIOs are consulted for various reasons, both by Deloitte and indeed here in a series on throughout the year.


Importance obvious

With an ever-evolving role, CIOs have become one of the most important figures in companies large and small. More than one-third of CIOs now report directly to the CEO, the highest number in a decade.

Last March a report from Harvey Nash and KPMG found that the role’s significance has spiked on the back of growing emphasis on cost control.

Tasked with, in general, ‘embracing change’, their position is strategic, creative, growth-minded and cost-conscious, their shift up the food chain at C-level was reflected in Deloitte’s 2015 report. In it, the company found CIOs are now known as trusted operators, change instigators and business “co-creators”.

Deloitte: Skills shortage

Oddly, last year, less than one-in-ten surveyed CIOs matched up with the skills that they thought made for a successful technology leader.

Nearly half of those surveyed ranked talent attraction and retention as a key strength for the role.

However, the 2016 report – with willing participants welcome for just a few more weeks – is aiming to shift the conversation a little further.

“In 2016, we’re taking the analysis further to explore how CIOs can enhance the skills, attributes and capabilities based on their current pattern type,” said the company.

“We’ll also look at what is required to shift to another pattern as the needs of their organisation change.”

Main CIO image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic