Ford introduces Evos – a cloud-connected concept car

13 Sep 2011

The Ford Evos concept car was shown at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, offering a glimpse of what a cloud-connected car could be like.

Engadget reports that the plug-in hybrid concept car focuses on connecting the driver’s personal cloud of data with the vehicle. Data could includes health, preferences and work schedules.

For example, it can pull traffic and work schedule information from the cloud to determine what time the driver wakes up, alerting the driver’s alarm clock based on this data.

It can connect to streaming music from within the house, allowing the car to pick up where the music left off once the driver enters the vehicle. It can also close an electric garage door when it leaves the house.

Along with learning preferences, the Ford Evos can also determine driving ability, along with weather and traffic conditions, to tailor braking, steering and suspension.

The car can take route suggestions from friends through social networks, recommending them to the driver at certain points.

It can put a smartphone into “do not disturb” mode to prevent calls and texts while driving and can take control of the throttle in heavy traffic, managing the stop-and-go driving.

The Ford Evos can also find and reserve an electric car parking space with inductive charging.

While the Ford Evos is just a concept car which will probably not see production, Ford has said the technology will be seen in a new model, which will be revealed in the coming months.

Ford has previously developed its SYNC software, which integrates voice control, apps and Wi-Fi to the vehicle.

Photo: The Ford Evos