Google Search Appliance heads for the cloud

18 Oct 2010

Google Search Appliance has been updated, allowing users to search across its stored documents along with data in the cloud within one search interface.

One new feature is Cloud Connect, which lets employees search across both on-premise and cloud-based content from one search box.

As a result, Google Apps users can access results from Google Docs and Google Sites alongside results from data stored in the Search Appliance.

It also allows users to search for content from Twitter, blogs and industry websites through Google Site Search.

Another new feature includes People Search, letting users find experts and co-workers with a specialisation in certain search queries.

Organisations can index personnel information, such as department, interests, expertise and location.

Google has added a dynamic navigation feature that lets users drill down into search results based on search modifiers for their queries. GSA also now supports Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 content out of the box.

According to Google, more than 3 million businesses are now using Google Apps as their productivity and email suite.

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