Heavey RF signs €250k deal with DHL

15 Nov 2010

A Dublin IT company has won a major €250,000 contract to deploy a new voice-based management system inside global logistic company DHL’s Dublin operations.

Heavey has implemented its VocalPoint VP2.0, which is integrated in to the existing warehouse management system. The system has already improved productivity while bringing accuracy up to almost 100pc.

It represents the first implementation of Vocalpoint VP2.0 in Ireland.

Vocalpoint VP2.0 is a licensed middleware solution which can quickly, simply and cost effectively add voice functionality onto any existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) or ERP system.

Companies may not require any alterations to be made to their core systems as it is a straightforward “plug” onto their existing platform.

No margin for error

“In our business, margins for error are practically non-existent. Our warehouse systems must be accurate, up-to-date and reliable,” says Peter Edwards, general manager at DHL.

“With Vocalpoint VP2.0, we have seen significant increases in both productivity and accuracy since the implementation. In addition, there have been noticeable improvements in quality control, stock integrity, data reporting and an overall improvement in warehouse efficiency,” Edwards added.

Voice technology uses speech recognition and speech synthesis to allow workers to communicate with the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Warehouse operatives use a wireless, wearable computer with a headset and microphone to receive instructions by voice, and verbally confirm their actions back to the system.

“Our technology enables users to select warehouse stock more accurately and quicker, thereby helping to reduce the cost of distribution and eliminate mistakes,” said Ciaran Lavelle, sales manager at Heavey RF.

“DHL was looking to upgrade its current WMS with voice capability. Vocalpoint VP2.0 is a standalone solution which we simply integrated into DHL’s existing system, activating voice functionality and making operations leaner and more cost efficient.”

Irish-owned Heavey RF Ltd. is a division of Heavey Technology focusing on mobile solutions using radio frequency technology.

This includes the supply of handheld and vehicle mount radio data terminals (RDTs), as well as voice-directed systems, integration software and peripherals and wireless security solutions. It has been working in SCL sector for more than 15 years and employs 25 people in Dublin and London.

“Heavey RF has consistently demonstrated a combination of advanced technical skills and an ability to really understand our business requirements,” said Derek Guilfoyle, head of IT at DHL.

“The installation of Vocalpoint VP2.0 caused minimal disruption to our organisation and all the goals set out were fully achieved,” Guilfoyle added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years