Irish travel technology firms form alliance

28 Jan 2003

Travel technology firm E-Travel Ireland has signed a software alliance with context travel itinerary management software firm Aurium to help travel operators drive business and revenues.

Aurium’s En Route technology helps airlines, travel operators and central reservation systems to generate revenue and customer service opportunities based on a consumer’s context – ie, not just location but situation and circumstances.

E-Travel Ireland will use En Route to enable travel operators to link their customer relationship management (CRM) database and booking systems to allow services to be provided automatically to a mobile consumer in real-time.

For example, a travel firm’s customers will need to only specify time and location for a meeting when filling out a travel itinerary. The booking system will be able to automatically book travel and hotels in adherence to predefined personal or corporate preferences. If the customer is delayed or misses a flight, the system will automatically reschedule and advise the customer as well as the airline or hotel directly by SMS (short messaging service), email or phone.

The technology is designed to reduce 24-hour operator and call centre resources; provide automatic itinerary handling due to unpredictable events; arrange automatic re-booking based on preferences; reduce inbound calls and provide reports and recommendations to help manage and reduce travel costs.

Aurium, was founded in the Department of Computer Science in Trinity College Dublin by Dr Simon Dobson, Richard Greenane and Professor Paddy Nixon. All three are experts in intelligent, context-aware software technology and smart spaces.

E-Travel has garnered a global reputation for itself as being at the forefront of travel management technology, explained Dobson: “This alliance is a significant endorsement of our technology and increases our competitive edge in the marketplace.”

By John Kennedy