‘Modern-day James Bond’ to speak at IIA event

11 Aug 2003

The Irish Internet Association has confirmed that one of the world’s leading experts on corporate espionage Ira Winkler, chief security strategist at Hewlett-Packard will headline the National IIA Conference that will take place on 29 September.

Dubbed a “modern-day James Bond” bay the media, Winkler is considered one of the world’s most influential security professionals after identifying common trends in the way information and computer systems are compromised.

He did this by performing penetration tests and broke into some of the largest companies in the world, investigated espionage crimes against them and showed them how to protect their IT infrastructure.

Winkler began his career at the National Security Agency, where he served as an Intelligence and Computer Systems Analyst. He moved onto support other US and overseas government military and intelligence agencies. After leaving government service, he went on to serve as president of the Internet Security Advisors Group and director of technology of the National Computer Security Association.

Winkler has also written the book ‘Corporate Espionage’, which has been described as the bible of the information security field as well as the best-selling ‘Through The Eyes of The Enemy.’ Both books address the threats that companies face protecting their information.

By John Kennedy