Revenue calls collect on video conferencing

20 Mar 2007

Ireland’s taxation authority has awarded a lucrative contract for the supply of a video conferencing system to communications firm Damovo. It is believed to be the first rollout of video over IP by a government body in Ireland.

The Revenue Commissioner say the system will enable them to increase cost savings and enhance the delivery of frontline service to the general public.

Damovo is currently in the process of installing the video conferencing systems in Revenue Commissioner meeting rooms throughout the country.

The Revenue Commissioners employ 7,000 people across 100 locations countrywide.

Using the system, voice, video and data communications will be transmitted free of charge over the Government’s virtual private network (VPN).

“The solution is having a very positive effect on the way we work together and also how we deliver frontline services to the public,” explained Paul McDonald, principal officer at the Revenue Commissioners.

“Staff can now spend more time in the office without worrying about traffic congestion or train delays,” McDonald added.

The system includes shared application capabilities and staff can view and edit the same documents onscreen in real time, removing the need for ping-pong emails and calls and boosting productivity.

The system is helping the Revenue Commissioners to enhance productivity and collaboration, explained John McCabe, managing director of Damovo.

“Also, the many cost savings created by this solution will ensure a high return on investment,” said McCabe. “Ultimately, it’s the Irish taxpayers that will benefit most.”

By John Kennedy