Sony PlayStation breach – how each country has been hit

4 May 2011

Details have emerged from Sony’s press conference in terms of how many users have been affected by the attack on the PlayStation Network per country. About 9.2m UK accounts and 436,158 Irish accounts may have been affected.

A document that emerged from the official Sony press conference provides a breakdown of accounts by country.

Sony has pointed out that the number of accounts does not equal users as some people would have more than one account.

The breach may have affected 9.2m users in the UK, 436,158 users in Ireland, 4.7m users in France, 3.2m users in Germany, 3.5m users in Canada, 31m users in the US and 7.4m users in Japan.

Sony admitted on Monday that 25m personal details had been taken from Sony Online Entertainment, the network for PC gamers who play games like EverQuest, on top of the 77m stolen previously from PlayStation and Qriocity servers at a data centre in San Diego, California.

How the hackers breached Sony’s defences

From the same press conference a diagram emerged indicating how intruders were able to establish an intrusion route after discovering a vulnerability in an application server that enabled them to find a way into the database server and get their hands on millions of users’ details.

In the attack on Sony Online Entertainment, which was only detected as investigators looked into the PlayStation network attack, some 23,400 customers’ credit card or direct debit details were taken.

PSN breach country by country

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years