The Pirate Bay’s Peter Sunde freed from prison

11 Nov 2014

The Pirate Bay founders’ busiest two weeks in an age have now seen co-founder Peter Sunde finally released from prison.

Following Gottfrid Svartholm’s conviction for illegally hacking systems in Denmark at the end of October, and Fredrik Neij’s arrest in Thailand last week, the peer-to-peer file-sharing site’s co-founders have endured a fairly stressful time of late.

But now Sunde has been freed following four months in Västervik prison in Sweden and, judging by a recent interview, he doesn’t regret thing.

“No. Not at all,” he told The Guardian. “The verdict was ridiculous, and it is as ridiculous today as it was then.”

“People ask if I would have done anything different if I could. The answer is no. This has been nothing more than five months of wasted time.”

According to Torrentfreak, Sunde is not planning to ease off on any internet projects any time soon, despite his stay behind bars.

“I’m brimming with ideas and one of my main goals will be to develop ethical ways of funding activism,” he said in August. “You often need money to change things. But most ways of acquiring it require you to compromise on your ideals. We can do better than that.”

On being released, Sunde sent out a tweet proclaiming his happiness. “So many people saying such nice things, thanks to all of you,” he said. “And thanks for the support during this period. It really means a lot!”

The legal battles of his former colleagues will continue, however.

Man behind bars image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic