US presidential hopefuls get to grips with SaaS

5 Feb 2008

The campaigns for the US presidency have added software as a service (SaaS) to their technological arsenal. has reported that nearly 30 political campaigns and advocacy groups in the US presidential race have standardised on Campaignforce, the company’s product for political campaigns, including the Ron Paul and Mitt Romney campaigns.

The Ron Paul presidential campaign has already used internet technologies like YouTube and Facebook to achieve grassroots fundraising success and build voter and volunteer support.

“Our vision is to replicate the same success in our campaign as businesses have achieved using internet technologies such as Facebook, YouTube and,” said Justine Lam, online campaign manager, Ron Paul for President.

“Salesforce has played an integral part in our internet fundraising success and in harnessing the power of our volunteers around the country during the primaries.”

The Ron Paul for President campaign has integrated Campaignforce with its website to help analyse critical information such as donation data and volunteer support.

As of 31 October 2007, had 38,100 companies in its customer base, the company said.

By Niall Byrne