World’s fastest commercial quantum processor to go on sale March 2015

4 Feb 2015

D-Wave Systems quantum processor image via D-Wave Systems

Anyone will be able to purchase the world’s most powerful quantum processor this March, when D-Wave System’s ‘Washington’ machine goes on commercial sale.

The processor will be the most-powerful quantum annealing system to be made commercially available, International Business Times reported.

With a processing power of 1,152 qubits, the Washington is also aiming to be the quietest and most powerful qubit in terms of energy use, making it much more quantum mechanical, according to its designers.

It has also gotten a major enhancement in its ability to chain qubits together, which allows the user to better programme it for any data-heavy use.

The Canadian company has been busy working on the technology in quantum computing for the last four years, starting with a computer capable of achieving 128 qubits.

Interestingly, this processor will not be running at full capacity. While it is capable of achieving 1,152 qubits, it will be harboured in a 2,048-qubit chip.

The development of the Washington came off the company receiving backing from an anonymous investor to the tune of about €20m, according to the International Business Times.

So for those out there who may feel their 1GB of RAM is a little dated and may want to purchase the Washington, be prepared to mortgage your house multiple times over. While its cost is yet to be disclosed, previous quantum processors launched by D-Wave Systems cost as much as €9m.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic