Apple HealthKit smart watch device tipped for October launch

7 Jun 2014

Apple is about to rain on Samsung and Sony’s parade in a big way come October when a watch-like health monitoring device will be launched by the company alongside its next generation of mobile devices.

A special event is expected to be held by Apple in October where a new device that will make use of Apple’s new HealthKit technology that was debuted last week at WWDC as part of its unveiling of iOS 8 will finally be revealed.

While Sony has had smart watch devices for some time, Samsung launched its Galaxy Gear family of devices this year featuring a range of health applications including a pedometer and smartphone integration.

However, if Apple succeeds in creating a strong and reliable ecosystem of apps around its HealthKit technology it could eventually prove a decisive victory in the market for the Californian tech giant over its Asian rivals.

Asian news media are reporting that Apple is planning to produce between 3m and 5m of its new wearable devices per month.

Nikkei Asian Review reported that on Thursday at WWDC Apple said that wearable devices compatible with the new iOS 8 operating system will be launched in October that will have a centralised function to manage users’ biometric information via smartphones.

The device will use a curved OLED touchscreen and will collect health-related data including sleep activity, calorie consumption, blood oxegen levels and blood glucose.

The right dose of APIs will ensure a healthy advantage in the wearable device business

At WWDC last week Apple revealed a partnership with the world-renowned Mayo Clinic to create an app that would form an intrinsic link between a patient and their doctor.

HealthKit APIs – among a vast package of 4,000 APIs revealed to developers with iOS last Monday – provide the ability for health and fitness apps to communicate with each other.

Indeed Apple is also understood to be forging closer ties with sports giant Nike to integrate its applications within Apple devices.

While Sony and Samsung are early out of the traps, Apple’s ecosystem of developers and its market clout could lead to some healthy competition for them.

Smart watch image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years