Apple shifts Bob Mansfield, technologies SVP, from exec team – will work on ‘special projects’

29 Jul 2013

Bob Mansfield. Image credit: Apple

In October 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Bob Mansfield would become the consumer tech giant’s senior vice-president (SVP) of technologies. Well he is no longer in this position, as of yesterday. He will remain at Apple, however, to work on “special projects”, and reporting to Cook.

According to an initial report on MacRumors on Sunday, Mansfield was erased from Apple’s website, with his biography also wiped out from the company’s executive profiles page. Apparently, no explanation was given as to Mansfield’s sudden disappearance from Apple’s corporate website.

Since yesterday, however, there has been a development. In an exchange with AllThingsD, Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling said that Bob will no longer be on Apple’s executive team.

Mansfield will remain at Apple, however, working on “special projects” and reporting to Cook, according to Dowling.

While Mansfield’s profile has been obliterated from Apple’s website, it is still visible on Google’s cache.

Working at Apple since 1999

Mansfield joined Apple in 1999. According to Apple, Mansfield joined the company in 1999 to oversee the team that has delivered “dozens of breakthrough” Mac products, including the MacBook Air and the iMac line.

Before joining Apple, Mansfield was vice-president of engineering at Raycer Graphics – Apple acquired this company in 1999.

“Over the years, Bob has led some of the company’s [Apple] most challenging engineering projects,” reported Apple.

Earlier in 2012, in June, it was thought that Mansfield that he would be about to retire, but then CEO Cook made a reverse decision and tasked him with being SVP of technologies in December, reportedly offering Mansfield a generous benefits package.

Who will fill Mansfield’s shoes in the SVP role overseeing technology developments at Apple? We will keep you in the loop.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic