Apple Watch sales numbers show 90pc slump since launch

8 Jul 2015

It appears the honeymoon period of the Apple Watch is well and truly over after market analysis shows the sales of Apple’s flagship wearable have slumped 90pc since it launched in April.

Although it’s true that Apple were hardly expected to keep up with the initial rush that came following its release, which saw the company sell around 200,000 every day during the week of its launch.

A report last June on estimated that 2.79m Apple Watches had been sold since its launch, but this surge appears to have waned.

According to new figures from Slice provided by MarketWatch, just three months later the company is now selling fewer than 10,000 per day worldwide in some instances.

Two-thirds of these sales have come from Apple’s cheapest version of the watch – the Apple Watch Sport – which clocks in at US$349, but its watch for the mega-rich – the Apple Watch Edition – has still managed to flog 2,000 units despite its US$10,000-plus price-tag.

Market analysts are eagerly awaiting what Apple’s reporting on the success of the Apple Watch as, going against tradition with its other hardware, the company has so far kept schtum on how its watch is doing.

If the bottom of the market was to completely fall out and prove to be disastrous as far as sales go, then in theory Apple shouldn’t be too hard hit financially, with the estimate being that the Apple Watch is worth just 4pc of its current revenues.

Apple Watch image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic