Chrome Remote Desktop app launched for iOS

13 Jan 2015

Nine months after its launch on Android devices, internet search giant Google has released Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS.

Allowing users to remotely control their computers via their smartphone or tablet, the app is now available through Apple’s App Store.

This means customers can use the app to securely access files or applications from another computer. Or they can give someone else temporary access so they can help you solve a computer problem.

Similar to the set-up scenario on Android, customers set up remote access on their computers, using the app from the Chrome Web Store.

Then, on the desired iOS device, just open up the App Store downloaded app and tap on any of their other online computers to connect.

The connection is code-based, with a password generated on the user’s smartphone or tablet.

Chrome Remote Desktop app has been released on iOS

The Android version was created back in the summer of 2013.

Remote access is becoming in such a big industry of late, with the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas highlighting the HomeKit area, and how big that particular niche is set to become.

Remote access image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic