ComScore reveals the habits of the US tablet owner (infographic)

10 Aug 2012

ComScore’s new TabLens examines tablet ownership and usage in the US and provides an in-depth look at this market every month. The first instalment reveals how tablet adoption is creeping into the mainstream, as the ‘fourth screen’ becomes an alternative to the PC, TV and smartphone.

Figures based on a three-month average up to June 2012 show how tablets are being used for digital media consumption, with 7 in 10 users using it to play games, 50pc listening to music and 1 in 4 watching paid-for video. Tablets are also being adopted as e-readers, with 3 in 5 reading books on their devices.

Online shoppers are making use of another device on which they can make purchases, with 39pc buying physical goods on their tablets. As well as spending, users are managing their finances from their tablets, as 44pc accessed their bank accounts and 36pc accessed their credit cards in the review period.

The demographic for US tablet users is an even 50/50 split between males and females, but more than half of tablet users come from households with a high income.

ComScore TabLens provides an in-depth, monthly view into U.S. tablet ownership and usage - ComScore Infographic

Tablet user image via Shutterstock

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic