New DJI drone is aimed squarely at taking over Hollywood

18 Apr 2016

Matrice 600 during filmmaking. Image via DJI

DJI has launched its latest drone, the Matrice 600, which is looking to move drone filmmaking from being an experimental pursuit into the mainstream.

As a drone manufacturer, DJI is well aware of the sharp increase in filmmakers using drones to get those killer shots, which are immediately recognisable as the work of a drone due to their ability to get into places the typical camera crew can’t.

Now, with the Matrice 600, it seems the company is looking at launching a heavy-duty platform for the biggest Hollywood films, with the drone, with its six-rotor system and a maximum flying time of up to 36 minutes, depending on the rig set-up, weighing in at 6kg.

However, if the drone is fitted with a larger camera, like the Red Epic, for example, DJI says it will have a reduced flight time of only around 16 minutes.

Centimetre-accurate positioning

Matrice 600

The Matrice 600. Image via DJI

DJI added in the release details on the Matrice 600 that one of its additional features is its new flight control system, A3, a system of sine-wave-driven, intelligent electronic speed controllers, while self-adaptive flight systems adjust parameters automatically based on different payloads.

This can also be upgraded to the A3 Pro system, which delves into advanced diagnostics that compares sensor data from three GPS units and three inertial measurement units.

Furthermore, filmmakers are being pitched an upgrade that offers centimetre-accurate positioning to allow for complex manoeuvres in an industrial setting and so that cinematic shots can be precisely replicated.

In terms of price, it’s probably outside of the average drone enthusiast’s budget, with it setting a customer back $4,599.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic