Doro reveals second smartphone: inspired by the Romans, the Liberto wants to liberate you

6 Sep 2013

The Doro Lliberto 810

Doro has just revealed the ancient-Roman inspired Doro Liberto 810, a smartphone that aims to bring the digital age to everyone and make mobile networking easier.

According to Doro, its second smartphone, just revealed today, will be “sleek and stylish”, and the company will reveal details of which Irish retailers will carry the phone in early October.

The Liberto 810 will deploy an Android 4.1 OS, while Doro’s own software, dubbed ‘Doro Experience’, will be installed as the user interface.

The digital arena: tapping into the DNA of the ancient Romans

Doro believes the phone will carry the idea of easy-to-use mobiles even further into the smartphone arena.

Chris Millington, managing director of Doro UK and Ireland, said the name Liberto was specifically chosen for the new smartphone as it “sums up” the essence of the device.

“In ancient Rome, servants and slaves of the empire could earn their full citizenship to become fully contributing members of society. Such people were known collectively as ‘the Liberto’.

“This new mobile helps people who might be hesitant about using a smartphone to fully embrace modern society. We are liberating those who perceive smartphones to be overly complicated and crowded with difficult-to-use apps,” he said in a statement.

Innovation 2.0

Millington said Doro has “fused” its research on consumer needs with the latest smartphone technology to create something that is “easy and effortless”.

“We have made functions, such as sharing photographs and sending emails, easier. The combination of our easy-to-use philosophy and smartphone technology make this a truly unique product. It certainly offers much more to Irish consumers and network operators alike,” he said.

To innovate, Dodo collaborated with Silicon Sentier, which found that smartphone users want hard keys for back, home and menu navigation.

So there’s a trio of physical keys on the front screen of the Liberto, while SwiftKey powers the touchscreen keyboard.

Users of the phone can opt to use Doro’s own app selection, or those apps from Google Play.

Cost of the Liberto smartphone has yet to be released.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic