Google adds child supervision in Chrome update

15 Jan 2014

Google’s Chrome will now allow parents to monitor their child’s activities online and block sites from the browser in its latest update.

In an announcement last night, Google said it has added a range of new features that promise increased security both in the home and out.

Chrome’s ‘supervised user’ menu is currently in beta. It is aimed at parents in particular, who are looking to teach children how to use the internet. Parents can then manage how kids browse online.

Under the supervision of the parent or ‘manager’, a supervised user can browse the web and sign into websites.

The manager can also block particular websites and permanently enable safe-search mode.

supervised user image

The company has also claimed its new update will give users increased protection from malicious software, as they will be notified when the browser has blocked a particular file from being downloaded.

Tweaks and fixes

Otherwise, one feature that is being lauded by people frustrated with annoying audio-embedded adverts is that users will be notified when a tab contains audio. On the right-hand side of the tab, a small icon will appear depending on what type of audio is playing; a speaker icon for streaming, a red circle icon for a webcam being used, and the Google Cast icon for when the app is streaming content to a TV.

The update also includes 11 security fixes and a number of other minor patches, with a full list released on the Google Chrome blog.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic