Google Doodle marks Auguste Rodin’s 172nd birth date

12 Nov 2012

The Google Doodle marking the 172nd anniversary of the birth of sculptor Auguste Rodin on Google's homepage

Internet search giant Google has tipped its hat to ‘The Thinker’ sculptor Auguste Rodin on the 172nd anniversary of his birth.

The blue and black stylised Google logo on Google’s homepage features a drawing of ‘The Thinker’ sculpture in the place of the second ‘o’ in Google.

Rodin is regarded as one of the best-known sculptors across the world. He was born François-Auguste-René Rodin on 12 November 1840 in Paris, where he attended the Petite École. It was here he first studied art, specifically, drawing and painting.

Rodin tried to get into the Grand École – three times – but after he left the Petite École he spent nearly 20 years working as a craftsman and ornamenter.

Rodin’s artistic talent was spotted by the head of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, Saint Peter Julian Eymard, who encouraged him to pursue sculpting.

Rodin then studied under sculptor Antoine-Louis Barye, and produced his first major work, ‘The Age of Bronze’.

The bronze sculpture ‘The Thinker’ had originally been conceived in 1880. ‘The Thinker’ represents The Divine Comedy author Dante, who served as inspiration for The Gates, leaning forward to observe the circles of Hell, while meditating on his work, according to the Musée Rodin.

The sculpture was enlarged in 1904, and several casts exist around the world.

Rodin died on 17 November 1917 from lung infection in Meudon, Île-de-France.


‘The Thinker’ sculptor Auguste Rodin. Image via Wikimedia Commons

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic