Google dumps homepage background images

16 Jun 2010

Internet search giant Google has pulled the plug on running background artwork on its homepage after only 14 hours because the experiment wasn’t popular with users.

Google background” was the seventh most popular search term on Google US yesterday, with “remove Google background” being one of the top related searches, according to Google’s stats.

The implementation of customisable images onto the search page was meant to run for a day initially.

Company vice-president Marissa Mayer stated the experiment over on her Twitter feed, having earlier informed her followers how to remove the backgrounds. A link to remove the background had been placed on the bottom left corner of the homepage, but many users, it seems, didn’t see it, as the white text could be difficult to notice on a light-coloured background.

Google’s homepage is back to its traditional white background. Users who have signed in with Google accounts will still have their chosen images in place.