Google Glass costs US$80 to build, says breakdown report

1 May 2014

Google Glass smartglasses

The Google Glass smartglasses only cost US$80 to produce, according to TechInsights, a website that looks at the inner workings of the tech industry’s most popular devices.

Given that internet giant Google recently released the anticipated hardware on a one-day limited release for the princely sum of US$1,500, this would indicate a 95pc mark-up on its production cost.

Despite the cost, Google had little trouble selling the devices. The limited-release versions sold out within 12 hours of becoming available.

The Google Glass breakdown report featured on TechInsight’s website The report reveals the most expensive part to produce, for US$13.96, was the OMAP 4430 Processor from Texas Instruments.

One of Google Glass’ key features, the camera that will help the device enter and develop the future of augmented reality and how consumers interact with everyday objects, cost US$5.66 to produce.

While the device itself is considerably cheaper than its store price, most of the cost will be used to recuperate the millions of dollars that went into patenting, research and production for the last number of years.

Google previously stated that when Google Glass reaches general release, it will cost less than US$1,500.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic