Google reveals Android Market site, in-app purchasing

3 Feb 2011

Google held an Android event in its headquarters in the US, showcasing Honeycomb for tablet, revealing a new Android Market website and unveiling in-app purchasing.


Google held an event showcasing Honeycomb, the Android operating system for tablet computers.

As the OS has been previewed before, this event was held to offer people hands-on experience with the new operating system.

Feedback has been positive, with many praising it as a true rival operating system to that of the iPad’s OS.

Android Market

Google has released a website for the Android Market, allowing users to browse for new mobile apps from a web browser.

The Market was previously only accessible via Android devices, however, this site allows users to access it anywhere.

The site has a bigger interface and lets users send apps directly to their Android device in a few clicks.

Users can share favourite apps through Twitter and can post and read app reviews on the site.

Previously downloaded apps can be accessed from the user’s Google account in the “My Market Account” section.

In-app purchasing

The event also saw the announcement of in-app purchases for the Android platform.

Developers now have access to use the in-app purchasing SDK to sell virtual goods in their apps.

The feature will be launched sometime in spring to allow developers to implement this into their apps.