Irish Mytaxi users could now have to pay a little more for app bookings

20 Sep 2017

Mytaxi sign. Image: 360b/Shutterstock

Mytaxi has quietly revealed that you may have to pay a bit more for every booking made through its app, starting from 21 September.

The next time you are planning to book a Mytaxi ride on its app, you might notice that your fare is little higher than before.

That is because from 21 September, Mytaxi said, the €2 booking fee that it had previously asked taxi drivers to discount will no longer be enforced as part of an effort to “align with taxi industry standards”.

“We’re confident that by implementing this change, Mytaxi drivers will offer an ever-improving, market-leading service when you need it most,” it said.

The news comes as the taxi industry in the capital is experiencing its greatest shortage in years as many drivers are struggling to make a passing grade for the National Transport Authority’s small public service vehicles (SPSV) entry test.

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Shortage of drivers

According to the Irish Examiner, only 20pc of entrants are passing the SPSV test, with a score of 80pc or higher required.

To encourage more employees to its platform, Mytaxi recently announced that it was launching an online platform to help potential drivers pass the test.

Speaking of the need for such a platform, Mytaxi’s general manager for Ireland, Tim Arnold, said: “In 2016, three drivers retired from the industry for every new driver who passed the SPSV test. At the same time, demand for taxi services is at an all-time high.

“Mytaxi are committed to the licensed taxi industry in Ireland and are calling on potential taxi drivers to consider the real career possibilities that are on offer by entering the sector, and we’re keen to provide them with our financial and technical support to do so.” has reached out to Mytaxi for comment on the new booking fee and will update accordingly.

Update, 9.34am, 21 September 2017: A spokesperson for the company responded: “We are confident that Mytaxi drivers will offer an ever-improving and market-leading service to customers in Ireland, and this booking-fee change will enable Mytaxi to service more customers and expand our fleet to support reliability of service in the long run.” 

Mytaxi sign. Image: 360b/Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic