Next iPad to have dual-core A5X chip?

7 Mar 2012

The iPad 2

As Apple prepares to unveil the next iPad later today, a few more rumours have emerged, including claims it will have a dual-core A5X chip and more RAM than before.

The Verge reports that the next iPad will have the A5X, a dual-core processor with a more powerful GPU rather than the quad-core A6.

Apple is reportedly waiting for the launch of the iPhone 5 to unveil the quad-core A6 chip.

The next iPad could have more RAM than before. It could also be sold alongside the iPad 2, which may receive a price cut to compete with other budget tablets.

Previous rumours claim the next iPad could have a Retina Display, may be called the iPad HD rather than the iPad 3 and could have LTE connectivity.

The report also suggests the next Apple TV will be unveiled alongside the next iPad, a claim that also emerged last week in a previous report.

The new Apple TV could have 1080p capabilities and may work with other iOS devices to stream and mirror video.

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac reports that the next iPad could be available in stores in the UK and the US on 16 March, nine days after today’s launch.

Nothing will be certain until Apple reveals its next products at the launch event taking place at 6pm GMT. We’ll be live tweeting the event as it happens.