Palm launches two new handhelds

23 Apr 2003

Handheld manufacturer Palm today announced two new models. The Zire 71 (pictured) will be the first colour screen model in the budget Zire range, while the Tungsten C introduces built in wireless networking.

In addition to a 65,000 colour display, the Zire 71 also features a built-in digital camera. The 640 x 480 resolution camera slides out from the back of the casing when in use. In keeping with the multimedia focus of the new model, it also includes RealOne player for the playback of MP3s. Other features include an ARM 144MHz processor, 16MB of memory, a Secure Digital card slot. The Zire 71 runs Palm OS 5.2 and is expected to retail for US$299 (approximately €373).

The Tungsten C is the third model to be announced in the company’s premium range of handhelds and is the first Palm handheld to feature integrated 802.11b wireless networking. Like the previously announced Tungsten W, the new model features a miniature Qwerty keyboard as an additional option to the usual touchscreen input method. Other features include a 400MHz Intel Xscale processor, 64MB of memory, 65,000 colour screen and a Secure Digital card slot. It too will run Palm OS 5.2. The Tungsten C is expected to sell for US$499 (approximately €455).

By Dick O’Brien