PlayStation Vita gets social, PS3 gets cheaper

17 Aug 2011

Sony revealed social apps for the PlayStation Vita, dropped the price of the PlayStation 3 to €249.99 and revealed a new model of its current PSP – the PSP E-1000 – which will cost €99.99.

A SCEE press conference at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, revealed the upcoming portable console, the PlayStation Vita, will get Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Foursquare apps for social networking.

Other features include the ability to find friends nearby to see what they are playing. Users can meet new players virtually by sharing game information.

Voice and text chat will also be available for when users are playing different games or using apps, such as the internet browser.

It was also announced that the price of the PlayStation 3 will drop to €249.99 with immediate effect in Europe.

PSP E-1000

PSP E-1000

The SCEE press conference didn’t ignore its first portable console, the PSP, as it was revealed Sony would release a new model without Wi-Fi connectivity called the PSP E-1000 for €99.99.

PSP games will be available through UMD or through connectivity software Media Go.

The PSP E-1000 will be available across Europe sometime in autumn.