Product News: MP3 headphones

13 Jun 2006

This week we review three MP3 headphone sets: Koss Sparkplugs; Shure ESC (pictured) and Sennheiser PXC300.

Koss Sparkplugs
What is it? MP3 headphone set
Price: €29.99

Looking for a new set of earphones for your digital music player but don’t want to break the bank? The SparkPlug from Koss, at just €29.99, features a white cord to complement many MP3 players.
The headphones have a dynamic element that is positioned just outside the ear and connected to a tubular port structure that is inserted on a soft expandable cushion into the ear canal.
This soft foam cushion, made of hydrophilic, formed urethane, expands to fit the listener’s ear, improving isolation and enhancing the clarity of bass and treble.
The fit enhances isolation when you want to cut out ambient sounds that interfere with the listening experience.

Sennheiser PXC300
What is it? MP3 headphone set
Price: €199

Sennheiser’s PXC 300 headphones have NoiseGard Advance active noise-cancelling technology that is said to reduce unwanted background noise by up to 80pc.
The set is designed to be ultra-lightweight and is foldable for easy carrying and storage.
For greater comfort when worn, the headphones are supported by an ergonomic headband along with soft ring ear pads. The sound quality includes deep bass performance.
In addition, Sennheiser claims that the headphones are less susceptible to interference from mobile phones.
Batteries are included and the PXC 300 also comes complete with a protective soft case and adaptors to work with in-flight entertainment systems on aircraft, so that the headphones can be used when travelling.

Shure E5C
What is it? MP3 headphone set
Price: €499.99

For the discerning music fan, Shure has the E5c headphone set, featuring dual live performance drivers.
The E5c comes with an assortment of sleeves to ensure a comfortable fit in the ear, although Shure suggests that customers may want to ask an audiologist for custom-fit moulds.
The standard earphones are lightweight at just 31g and the cable length of 1.55m ensures that the headset can be used in a range of environments.
For a list of stockists nationwide for any of the three earphones featured here, contact TNS Distribution on 01-8829777.

By Gordon Smith