Reviewed: Dragon Ball Origins 2

27 Jul 2010

Yet another Dragon Ball game – but is it conveyor belt bad or mass marketing magnificance?

Good lord, we have seen a lot of Dragon Ball games recently. Ordinarily, I’d be pleased, but this is getting fishy rather quickly, like a (fish?) quiche left in the sun. At least this is a sequel to the average 2008 Origins 1. I can only assume there’s a lot of Dragon Ball love left to cash in on (hmm, that’s a little dirty).

Character control

If you played the previous Origins game then you’ll be pleased to know that the main character Goku (go watch the anime) can now be controlled with buttons on the Nintendo DS instead of the stylus.

Bad news for masochists however: the game is now impossible to play with the stylus (but that could add to the fun if you’re into that kind of thing) thanks to all the new combos, moves and enemy aggression.

Changes in the format are not extreme but Goku does get to use his power pole (go watch the anime) as a separate weapon with its own combos. Energy blasts can only be used if enough power has been collected through star collectibles or through combat, which is a pity.

Goku’s moves also now include a dodge move, which turns into a teleport and counter attack if timed well, and several cool combos that are achieved with different button combinations.

Couple this with a simple level up system for your stats and better, more strategic boss fights and the game has just enough shiny newness for fans of the first game who may not be that interested in the story.

The numbers of enemies has increased, to counter Goku’s increased skills, and their aggression meters have all been turned up to 11.

Platforming sections have also been improved, with a new tail-swinging move included in Goku’s vocabulary (Goku has a tail, go watch the anime).

Several levels also allow you to play as some of Goku’s friends.

Dragon Ball Origins 2 story

For die-hard fans however, the story is key attraction here and the game really benefits from covering the Red Ribbon Army Saga from start to finish (go watch the anime).

It is definitely one of the better sagas, having both an adult, serious edge coupled with a childlike sense of fun and innocence.

Graphically speaking, the game is exactly the same as the original Origins, but as that game pretty much used the DS’s 3D graphical power extremely well that’s no bad thing.

Sound is the same as before. Competent with what little voice recordings present being those from the series.

Replays of past levels are encouraged through the level up system and the level ratings (which are purely based on play time which doesn’t seem right to me). Money can be collected in levels and can be spent on levelling up Goku’s friends or on useful items.

The game doesn’t do a lot more from Origins 1 but playing through a new saga is tempting bait for a Dragon Ball fan.

Oh, and watch the anime. Watch it now.

By Logan McMillan

Graphics 8
Replayability 8
Gameplay 6
Sound 7
Tilt/Originality 5
Overall 6.8