Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug fix on the way

23 Nov 2011

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Google has responded to complaints about a bug which affects the volume controls of the new Android 4.0-enabled Samsung Galaxy Nexus, saying a software fix is coming soon.

The smartphone went on sale in the UK earlier this week. However, many early purchasers complained that when they used 2G data connections on the phone, the volume would drop. This would cut the sound for phone calls, alarms and notifications.

It appeared to affect networks on a 900MHz frequency, which is what most European network operators use.

Google released a statement saying it was aware of the issue and was fixing it. It said it will update devices “as soon as possible”.

This will come as a relief for both Galaxy Nexus owners and Samsung, as there was speculation the error could be in the hardware and not the software.

However, the fact that Google can deliver an update to fix the bug shows the error occurred in the software, meaning Samsung won’t have to issue a recall for these devices.