Smart phones, devoted users (infographic)

6 Sep 2012

Smartphone users display certain attitudes and characteristics, a new infographic reveals. Perhaps this may not be surprising, seeing as smartphones function as an all-in-one device crammed with apps, photos, music and other data used daily that helps make their owners’ lives easier.

The infographic created for is packed with information that looks at various aspects of smartphone use and ownership: What users would give up instead of going without their smartphones, app downloads, game playing by device, smartphones and sports, early mobile phone users, where most smartphone owners live, studying with smartphones, and even different phones attracting different types of people. (iPhone users, one study suggests, perceive themselves as being more optimistic and easy going than Android users perceive themselves).

A few other facts and figures populate the infographic, as well, such as most iPhone owners use their phone in social situations, and once they get an iPhone, many people get rid of other gadgets, like iPods, cameras and GPS systems.


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic