Tech tools

2 Oct 2011

Students navigate the ActivBoard 500 Pro

The latest hardware out there for the classroom.


The Toshiba AT100 tablet runs on Android 3.1 Honeycomb, offering a variety of apps for e-reading along with Wi-Fi connectivity for internet access.

The tablet has 10.1-inch screen with Toshiba’s Resolution+ image enhancement technology, providing a vivid display.

The AT100 is equipped with a speedy 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor to ensure fast loading times. It weighs 765g and includes USB and HDMI ports which can connect to laptops, and HD TVs to share media.

In addition, its battery offers up to seven hours of multimedia playback on one charge.

Toshiba tablet


The ActivBoard 500 Pro is a precision interactive whiteboard for the classroom. It includes multi-touch technology to allow students to work together on the board. They can scale, move and rotate objects with finger touch or a pen tool at the same time.

The board has Windows 7 functionality to provide more content and includes integration with
ActivClassroom software. This includes ActivInspire, which allows teachers to create lessons using resources such as maths tools and templates found on Promethean Planet.

The ActivBoard 500 Pro also includes Promethean’s educational applications, such as NoteBoard and TouchPad for a more immersive experience.


The SMART Board 480 interactive whiteboard has a large, touchscreen interface letting teachers and students write in digital ink, erase, move objects and control applications using a finger or a pen.

It works with the SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, which lets teachers capture notes, images and video to a single file to enhance the lesson.

It can be purchased as a stand alone unit or as a system with a projector and speakers called the SMART Board 480iv. This can connect to the internet to let students explore websites. Multimedia content can also be integrated into the system, which can help bring a subject to life.



This Epson visualiser lets teachers share 3D objects, books and experiments with classes on a projector.

The camera sits on a hinge arm, which connects to any projector. This allows teachers to show the object in real-time on a larger display. It has an A3 shooting area meaning that objects don’t need to be precisely positioned or continually readjusted.

The visualiser has buttons to activate auto focus or to zoom in and out, and can take photos and record videos. Science teachers can attach a microscope to the visualiser for a close-up view of experiments thanks to an attachment included with the hardware.

Epson visualiser