The iPhone gets biblical with ‘Bible Challenge’

15 Dec 2009

Two new iPhone apps released by Irish software firm Redwind Software bring a bit of biblical reference and entertainment to the Christmas period this year.

The first app is the ‘King James Bible‘, it offers the full text and is free for download for a limited period.

This app comes bundled with the ‘Bible Challenge‘, app, priced at €1.59, an interactive quiz consisting of five Old Testament and five New Testament question categories with six different mini games within each category.

Aside from general multi-choice, there is trivia, true or false, quotes, hangman, and fill the blanks, much like the ‘Movie Challenge’ app, also created by Redwind, and with a ‘What Book/Which Church’ category, too.

Each question contains a link back to the relevant verse in the King James Bible and you can bookmark favourite quotes as well as post them to Facebook and Twitter.

Certainly not an app for everyone, but a fun and educational one for practising Christians.

Marketing executive of Redwind Software, Terry Winders, said: “We’ve drawn on feedback from Bible enthusiasts around the globe to create the most innovative, user-friendly Bible reader and Bible trivia app, tailored to the specifications requested for the platform. We’ve crafted these apps with the high production values that the subject matter demands and we’re confident that the community will respond positively.”

By Marie Boran

Photo: The ‘Bible Challenge’ app.