Top 5 executive gadgets

14 Jul 2010

Don’t settle for a pen holder or Rolodex on your desk when you could have cutting-edge toys. You might feel like Gordon Gekko but that’s no reason to be as technically backwards as Eighties yuppies. Lunch is for wimps, gadgets are for winners.

Wowwee Rovio

If you’re wondering about how to attain the James Bond lifestyle perhaps you should visit, well, Amongst the gun holsters and shiny laptops you will find the classiest looking spy since the man himself.

Rovio is a remote controlled surveillance bot with a web cam and Wi-Fi on board. You can sit at your desk and send Rovio out to ask the secretary (male or female, we’re not discriminating here) to bring you some coffee and then you patrol the hallways, checking out who’s idling by the water cooler or photocopier.

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Gold edition Buckyballs

Even executives like to play with Buckyballs but it just didn’t seem classy enough until they brought them out in a gold edition.

These super strong magnetic balls can make countless numbers of complex geometric shapes but you could just make a pencil holder if you like.

And for those that like to brag, these Buckyballs are grade N35 magnets.

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Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife

swiss knife

Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing on a string. Actually this is probably the biggest Swiss Army knife ever. Ever.

Don’t just be cut-throat in business – prove your survival instincts are as well-honed by having the ultimate Swiss Army knife.

True, this might be the kind of over-compensating gadget that David Brent would set atop his desk for power meetings but it could also be seen as a sign of your awesomeness because it has 85 fully functional implements, comes in a presentation box and has a certificate to prove its MacGyver-ness.

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Think Geek ‘Ties Suck’ Tie

Come on if you think you’re geek enough. Declare your disdain for the most hated of corporate apparel – the tie – while exercising your right to irony and giving a nod to the world of geekdom.

The ‘Ties Suck’ tie looks fairly spiffy on the face of it but peer a little closer and you’ll notice rows of binary code. What is it saying? Why, it’s declaring that ties suck.

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Anti-Gravity Platform

levitating machine

He ain’t heavy, he’s my levitating brother


Impress clients, amuse small children and baffle yourself with the ultimate in desktop toys – an anti-gravity platform. It will float anything up to 85g in weight and I’ll be damned if I know how it works other than there is a powerful electromagnet inside it.

Check out this video to see someone fill a levitating wine glass and think about what interesting things you can place upon it. Takeaway coffee? Boiled eggs? Sleeping hamsters?

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