Twitter tweaks networking with Lists

1 Oct 200940 Views

It might seem like a small addition, but Twitter’s soon-to-launch Lists will help new and current users get the most out of their Twitterstream by organising their followers.

Lists is pretty simple: you can create and display themed lists of Twitterers on your profile. So if you’re a technology journalist like me you might find it useful that I have a list of "Irish technology journalists," "Irish iPhone apps developers" or "politicians on Twitter that actually use their accounts."

This is a bit like being able to tack your Follow Friday recommendations permanently onto your profile, and is a good recommendation tool or starting point for others.

"We started working on this feature because of the frequent requests we received from people who were looking for a better way to organise information on Twitter," said Nick Kallen, project lead on Twitter Lists.

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This functionality also extends to the Twitter API, so developers can add it into third-part applications soon.

Right now, Lists is in limited testing but will be publicly launched soon.

By Marie Boran, via

Photo: Twitter’s Lists will allow users to create and display lists of Twitters on their profiles by theme.