What’s Apple actually worth? (infographic)

19 Jul 2012

Consumer tech giant Apple is due to reveal its third-quarter financial results on Tuesday, with Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty expecting the company to make US$35.1bn this quarter, Macworld UK reported. That’s hardly a figure regular folk would sneeze at, and an infographic takes Apple’s value a bit further, looking at what can be purchased with Apple’s US$619bn.

The infographic published by MacFormat on Visual.ly lays out a few items that could be had with US$619bn, such as four Greggs sausage rolls for everyone on Earth every weekday for a month. Or 4,952 Greek islands.

Apple’s valuation means it’s worth more than every single publicly traded company in Spain, Portugal and Greece combined, the infographic says.

“The only way to really appreciate the incredible size of Apple’s market valuation is to work out what else you could buy with the same money,” states the infographic’s introduction.

“Never mind posh holidays, the odd day out and a new sportscar: we’re talking buying entire countries, funding the Olympics and buying a luxury limousine for every day of the week.”

Apple infographic

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic