World’s first mobile phone music player controlled by hand gesture

7 Sep 2010

Developer of Hand Gesture Interface solutions for consumer devices eyeSight Mobile Technologies has announced the launch of the world’s first app that allows users to control a mobile phone MP3 player with hand gestures.

‘Moove’ MP3 Player, controlled by the developer’s Touch Free Interface technology, has experienced more than half a million downloads from Nokia’s Ovi Store in less than four months. It’s offered only to Nokia 5800 XpressMusic users.

“The Hand Gesture Interface that offers interaction Beyond Touch has been enthusiastically adopted by users of touchscreen devices,” said Itay Katz, eyeSight’s founder and CEO.

“We are in talks with mobile phone manufactures to license the Hand Gesture Interface to be integrated into new smartphones.”

‘Moove’ MP3 player allows users to use play, stop and skip songs by using hand gestures above the phone’s frontal camera.

eyeSight has pointed out potential examples of use, such as drivers flicking through songs with the wave of a hand or runners on a treadmill who can change a track without touching the device.

The Touch Free Interface technology can be applied to any camera-enabled device, such as navigation systems, phones, netbooks and MP3 players.