2010 report shows 57 new invention disclosures through NovaUCD

6 Apr 2011

There have been 57 new invention disclosures through NovaUCD, and nine new high-tech companies located there, according to an annual report by researchers at UCD.

The commercialisation results for 2010 not only showed a large number of new disclosures, but also revealed that 38 patent applications, including 14 priority, 9 PCT (patent co-operation treaty) and 15 national/regional applications were filed by the university last year. These patents were filed for intellectual property resulting from research which occurred across the university’s colleges, schools and institutes. In 2010, 16 licence agreements were also concluded with an array of indigenous and international companies, nine of which were located at the UCD campus.

“The strengthening of UCD’s innovation strategy and the support received from Enterprise Ireland through the Technology Transfer Strengthening Initiative is clearly having a significant impact on the level of knowledge transfer and commercialisation of UCD research,” said Pat Frain, director, NovaUCD.

Since the opening of NovaUCD seven years ago, 16 UCD spin-out companies have been incorporated and just less than 60 high-tech and knowledge-intensive companies have located at NovaUCD availing of NovaUCD’s support programmes and services. More than 320 inventions have been disclosed by UCD researchers, more than 100 priority patent applications have been filed and more than 70 licence agreements have been completed since 2004.

“Given the success of many of NovaUCD’s client companies, the establishment of facilities adjacent to UCD to house second-stage high-tech companies is now a major priority. Such facilities would enable UCD and these companies to develop long-term strategic partnerships which are essential for the generation of collaborative research, licensing and other commercial opportunities,” said Frain.

Thirty-six innovative companies, including Celtic Catalysts, recently presented with a 2011 Irish Times InterTradeIrelandInnovation Award (application of R&D), are now located at NovaUCD. These companies now have more than 200 staff based at NovaUCD.