ASML director highlights the need to drive semiconductor technology in Europe (video)

19 Jun 2013

Rob Hartman, director of ASML's strategic technology programme

Dutch company ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chip-making equipment, supplying well-known names in the semiconductor industry, such as Samsung and Intel. Though ASML originated in Europe and has a number of bases in Ireland, 93pc of its shipments in Q1 2013 went to Asia, 6pc to the US and just 1pc to customers in the EU.

Today at the Digital Agenda Assembly in Dublin Castle, Rob Hartman, director of ASML’s strategic technology programme, came to speak at a workshop on how research and innovation can translate into jobs and growth for the EU.

With regard to more than 90pc of ASML’s output shipping to Asia, Hartman said, “There’s no reason for that – we can make good chips here in Europe.”

While ASML has many partners worldwide, Hartman would like to see more in Europe. He also recognised that innovation doesn’t happen by flying solo, and highlighted the importance of teaming up with institutes and universities to drive research and development.

For its end, ASML recently revealed plans to establish a scientific institute for nanolithography in Amsterdam, which will open this autumn.

Hartman also discussed ASML’s continuous efforts to make chips smaller, as this has three key benefits: lower manufacturing costs, faster processors and greater energy efficiency.

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Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic