Commercialisation firm signs R&D deal with TCD

11 Aug 2006

Technology from Ideas (TfI) has signed a new technology-commercialisation agreement with Trinity College Dublin (TCD).

The agreement will enable TfI to source technology ideas from TCD researchers and then develop these ideas into investment-ready technologies for subsequent sale to industry. It is TfI’s second such deal following an agreement reached with National University of Ireland Galway in May.

Dan Richardson, TfI’s managing director, said: “The agreements enable us to work directly with researchers and support the commercialisation of their ideas. Our aim is to work alongside the Research & Innovation Services office and offer an alternative route to market for ideas requiring further development activity. Building a long-term relationship with both the university and its researchers is crucial for us and we’re looking forward to working on projects in the very near future.”

Dr David Lloyd, associate dean of research at TCD, commented: “We see TfI as an important IP-focused [intellectual property] company to have here in Ireland as its unique business model, coupled with a good network of sales partners, will support our collective drive to commercialise our IP portfolios.”

TfI works by locating unrealised ideas from university researchers and developing them into technologies in which investors can place a stake. The company then sells on these technologies to customers worldwide for subsequent development into products. It operates its own labs for commercially focused development and has sales partnerships with established technology development companies.

By Gordon Smith