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Medallia to establish sales and support hub in Ireland, creating 100 jobs

8 Jan 2021

New roles at Medallia will initially be remote as the company seeks multilingual sales staff for its SaaS platform.

California-headquartered Medallia is set to open a mid-market sales and support hub in Ireland. The hub will serve Medallia’s EMEA business and will open up 100 roles for multilingual sales and support staff.

These roles are expected to be filled over the next two years and will initially be recruited as remote positions.

‘Ireland was a smart choice for us as it offers the largest concentration of multilingual sales and service talent’

Medallia operates a customer and employee feedback management software platform called Medallia Experience Cloud. It captures data from calls, video, social media and internet-of-things interactions and deploys proprietary artificial intelligence technology to derive predictive insights from this data.

It is seeking staff with the language skills to support growth in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Austrian, Swiss, Nordic, Benelux and Middle Eastern markets.

A global operation, the company has more than 1,000 employees across 20 global offices, some of whom are remote workers. It currently serves more than 1,000 clients.

“The mid-market in EMEA, comprising over 100,000 companies, has been underserved when it comes to experience management technology that fits with their business,” said Rory Cameron, EVP of mid-market and corporate development at Medallia.

“Ireland was a smart choice for us as it offers the largest concentration of multilingual sales and service talent to support our customers and our expansion plans.”

While these newly announced jobs are not currently fixed to any one site, Medallia’s website lists Dublin as the location for some open roles.

Another Californian company, Genesys, also announced this week that it would be recruiting remote employees in Ireland as it expands its software team.

“Medallia’s decision to select Ireland as the location of its EMEA hub is a strong vote of confidence in the availability of highly skilled and talented people right across the country,” said IDA CEO Martin Shanahan in response to the latest announcement.

Elaine Burke
By Elaine Burke

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