Virgin Media ninjas
Virgin Media’s Red House Ninjas. Image: Conor McCabe Photography

Virgin Media announces 40 jobs to create group of helper ninjas

17 May 2017

Virgin Media is adding 40 staff to its customer support team in the form of the ‘Red House Ninjas’.

In an attempt to boost its customer support services to broadband customers, Virgin Media has decided that the best option is to hire ninjas.

Announcing the news, Virgin Media said it was creating a new team of ‘Red House Ninjas’, whose purpose will be to call out to customers to fine-tune the set-up of their broadband and TV, connect all devices, upgrade equipment and deal with other small issues.

To facilitate this, Virgin Media will hire 40 staff, following on from the 120 jobs it announced for customer care in Limerick last February.

This won’t be a free service, however. It requires a fee of €50 per visit, with availability between 8am and 8pm throughout the week.

“We know every home is different, from multi-device gaming and streaming movies at the same time, to walls that are killing the Wi-Fi signal, there are plenty of issues that can hamper speeds and connectivity,” said Michael McCarthy, vice-president of customer relations at Virgin Media.

“The launch of Red House will also see us create 40 new jobs in conjunction with our service partner Actavo.”

Meanwhile, Virgin founder and CEO Richard Branson recently launched the company’s Voom initiative, a pitch tour for start-ups looking to get their hands on €1.2m at the final event in March of next year.

At the launch, Branson spoke about his thoughts on the challenges facing start-ups in a post-Brexit world.

“I think small businesses do need to make sure that government realises the importance of us being able to trade within Europe. And it is important that we get that message across to those people who are doing the negotiations,” Branson said.

“That’s the most important thing: that the market is not precluded and that it doesn’t become cumbersome, bureaucratic and expensive as it did before the European Union was formed.”

Colm Gorey
By Colm Gorey

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