3V customers get bidding with eBay

30 Nov 2007

Users of online vouchers from Irish company 3V will now be able to pay for items on eBay allowing them to bid and bargain hunt on the online auction site without the need for a credit card.

3V customers now have access to the 500,000 plus eBay Ireland registered users and the 241 million eBay users worldwide as well as the ability to become eBay sellers themselves.

The vouchers can be used on the auction site by going through PayPal, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bay that allows online payments and money transfers and is used on many internet shopping sites globally as an alternative to giving out credit card information each time you shop.

As Christmas approaches and more and more people are choosing to do shopping online to avoid the queues those who do not have a credit card or choose not to use one online for security reasons can now visit an even broader range of sites with their 3V vouchers.

This partnership for 3V follows its October deal with digital download company 7Digital allowing customers to download DRM (digital rights management) free music from a selection of over two million songs that they can also store online in a digital locker.

Kieron Guilfoyle, CEO of 3V Transaction Services, said: “These partnerships are aimed at providing our customers with an ever improving range of services for their 3V vouchers.

“The eBay.ie agreement is hugely significant as it enables our 120,000 plus customers to become online traders with a proven transaction leader enabling simple and safe payment.”

3V vouchers are available from many shops nationwide. A listing of retailers that sell the vouchers can be found at https://www.3v.ie/where_to_buy_3V_vouchers.html .

By Marie Boran